Sosono Spa (massage hue) : not everyone knows it

Inspired by the surrounding plants, Sosono Spa has researched and used the very ordinary annual plants that have long been forgotten. Combining professional massage techniques from Thai experts. Sosono Spa was born to bring health care and beauty methods from nature.

Therefore, at Sosono there are services nowhere to be found such as: mugwort head, backache, neck and neck treatment, herbal shampoo

All ingredients are hand-selected and processed for treatment by Sosono Spa.

With 9 different body massages, you can choose to suit your needs such as: Relaxing massage, analgesic massage, Thai massage, strong massage or using auxiliary tools such as hot stones, bamboo or herbal hot steaming bag.

The staff is well-trained, professional with a polite and enthusiastic style. We have served over 2000 visitors from many countries such as USA, UK, France, Japan, Korea … in the past 1 year. Always confirming quality is the top standard that Sosono Spa aims to.

With a commitment to bring the best quality service with the most reasonable price. Sosono Spa aims to be the best, the most diverse and unique service quality in the Spa massage market in Hue.

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+ Hotline: 09641183390372664665
+ Address: 14 Ngo Gia Tu Street, Vinh Ninh Ward, Hue City

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